Saturday, 26 November 2011

Versace for H&M ( my house my rules)

There is just something about the right music at the right time that sets the mood and pace for things to come .That is exactly what happened when the beats started at start of the Versace for H&M show .Out came the models struting their stuff with black leather head bands dark ,goth smoky eyes and black leather jackets,dresses and pah nts embellished with golden studs. Shiny black skirts and tops wit adorned with the legendary Versace logo befittingly in a lovely golden hue.There were a few plain black numbers  immaculately cut that were accentuated by feather add ons .

Then was the time to get fun flirty and colourful .Out came the colors, prints ,colourful prints, and they were not restricted to only tops ,they made their way to pants ,leggings, even jackets .Mono hued dresses in pastels were dressed up with gold studs. Prints and studs even made their way onto the bags and scarves .The style of Versace mixed with the ease of H&M makes for a brilliant recipe for success.

Being partial to BAGS and accessories I am just going to say the stuff is to die for bags with tropical prints and large studs with fancy chain handles.They were also fun sized and could be carried from work to dinner to a night out on the town and could dress up any outfit. Accessories were bold  and yet not that OTT to overshadow an outfit.
Over all the collection had it all the class of Versace, the soul of H&M .The collection took us on a breathtaking journey  like the twilight breaking into dawn with the black and gold studs ,leading into a beautiful sunny ,colourful day with the tropical prints,fading into dusk with the dark leggings and tops with the dark background and colourful prints, finally bursting into starts in the night sky were the metallic dresses. Its also impossible to miss the models strutting down the runway withe their long blonde tresses ,a striking resemblance to the women herself!! Her house , her rules indeed ... the pleasure well, has been all ours.

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