Friday, 7 October 2011


Sex and the city meets Vogue !! Sounds like a dream team right ?Here at iluvthefword i intend on giving u , the reader all this and more.From Prada to PMS mood swings, from fashion to feelings i intend to break down and bring to you fashion,trends,feelings,relationships and all else we women hold dear to us all with a identifiable twist .Like how to make current trends work for you without burning a gaping hole in your pocket ,from louboutins to love affairs that are unconventional and still intense!!! Also we will do special features on designers and fashion houses on their birthdays and give you the history of brands  to celebrate anniversaries and see how trends have evolved and been reborn and resurrected by legendary designers who we worship as gods in the fashion world. Here at iluvthefword we are unapologetic about our feelings and highly opinionated take on fashion at the same time are totally non judgemental about relationships and feelings no matter how bizarre, sort of an antithesis all maintaining a healthy equilibrium n providing different perceptions for you all to choose what suits u best, whether its a shoe, a bag, a feeling or trend. So on this note let us embark on the journey into the lengths and depths of fashion ,feelings and everything in between..... because well we all do luthefword now don't we?

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  1. Looking forward to alot more fashion-frenzy blogs from your side <3