Thursday, 31 May 2012

shades of grey

Its amazing how a figment of someone else's imagination can strike such a  cord in your heart and pull at your hearts strings and make you feel  feelings that you think you locked up long ago . Bringing to the the surface such a myriad range of emotions it sends your emotional equillibrium into a tail spin.
Such is the effect a 'The Fifty Shades' trilogy has had on me. The wonderfully enigmatic, powerful,controlling, twisted world of the delicious Mr Christian Grey has taken over my entire being. Its so strange because I feel so intensely connected to him I feel we are strinkingly similar in a lot of aspects and I also yearn for a man who is a mirror image of Mr Grey and it would only be fitting that I had the same effect on him as Ms Steele has on Mr Grey. Wishful thinking ??? Maybe , but the girls' allowed her fantasies right ?Just the feeling of such  intense emotions is breathtaking.The book takes us on a brilliant journey into the greyest areas of the human psyche and proves to us that grey is not bad or taboo or whatever society choses to call it.
Way before I read these books I always said ' I believe in the power of grey" ,by which I mean I believe nothing is life is black and white, orthodox and play by the rules....There are always things that are not by the book, be it in refrence to context to fashion, relationships ,behavioral patterns etc. I believe grey is perfect because its the blend of two completely contrasting colours the harmony with which these colours blend is proof of how intriguing it would be if we blended  it into the fabric of our lives
Its all around us , eg all those designers through history who dint follow the rules have been celebrated, all of us have had or do have that one relationship that is not so conventional but has brought us immense joy of inexplainable proportions.Fashion wise we must learn follow our heart know ourselves and adorn ourselves ,irrespective of what the trends might suggest. Just because its not normal doesnt mean its bad. Behaviouraly if we have to well say  tap into our grey alter ego to protect a loved one or something,i believe its all forgiven. None of us are perfect hence we must learn to celebrate all our shades of grey ....
fifty shades of perfect imperfections,

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Once Upon A Time......

Once upon a time .... is the way every fairy tales  begins  . ...  I don't know about you all  but, as soon as I hear these words my thoughts transport me to a parallel school of thought  , a world where impossibilities are infinite ,where boundaries are only  imaginary lines . We as adults believe these worlds only exist in bedtime stories only meant for children . Call me dellusional but trust me there is a world within our world that does exist , as ethereal ,magical , brimming with infinite dreams where anything is possible.This is the Fantasy land of Fashion...... A land so beautiful so magical it mesmerises and enthralls even the aethists and critics amongst us!!!
                              This is a land where designers play the architects spinning into reality the blueprints which start of as mere thoughts manifested in their beautiful, eccentric, artistic minds.Transforming simple spools of yarn into such dreamy ,flowing layered garments that transform us mere mortals into divas!! Just like fairy tales they have the the vision to make the impossible seem possible.From the most recent where Marc Jacobs replicated a train station on the runway , to the eternal creative genius (in my personal opinion)John Galliano with his antics on the catwalk , to world renowned stylists and photographers that take ingredients of couture, pret , accessories bags,beautiful locations and  create magic that fill the glossy pages of magazines and fuel the dreams and aspirations of many a young men and women apart from being million dollar money making machines...

This potent drug with lethal ingredients that never fail to act as uppers when your having an off day ,wheather its just going out and indulging  in some therapy of the retail kind , sitting back opening a glossy magazine lusting after the drool worthy eye candy in form of goodies and   models or even get inspired to hit the gym and get that fancy body or just save a little money to own a little piece of heaven.

                                    So take a trip into this enchanted world ,take charge ,be the princess,queen, czarina of your own life get your daily dose of vitamin 'F' and you never know it might just be the magic potion  you need to find your  happily ever after.              

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Versace for H&M ( my house my rules)

There is just something about the right music at the right time that sets the mood and pace for things to come .That is exactly what happened when the beats started at start of the Versace for H&M show .Out came the models struting their stuff with black leather head bands dark ,goth smoky eyes and black leather jackets,dresses and pah nts embellished with golden studs. Shiny black skirts and tops wit adorned with the legendary Versace logo befittingly in a lovely golden hue.There were a few plain black numbers  immaculately cut that were accentuated by feather add ons .

Then was the time to get fun flirty and colourful .Out came the colors, prints ,colourful prints, and they were not restricted to only tops ,they made their way to pants ,leggings, even jackets .Mono hued dresses in pastels were dressed up with gold studs. Prints and studs even made their way onto the bags and scarves .The style of Versace mixed with the ease of H&M makes for a brilliant recipe for success.

Being partial to BAGS and accessories I am just going to say the stuff is to die for bags with tropical prints and large studs with fancy chain handles.They were also fun sized and could be carried from work to dinner to a night out on the town and could dress up any outfit. Accessories were bold  and yet not that OTT to overshadow an outfit.
Over all the collection had it all the class of Versace, the soul of H&M .The collection took us on a breathtaking journey  like the twilight breaking into dawn with the black and gold studs ,leading into a beautiful sunny ,colourful day with the tropical prints,fading into dusk with the dark leggings and tops with the dark background and colourful prints, finally bursting into starts in the night sky were the metallic dresses. Its also impossible to miss the models strutting down the runway withe their long blonde tresses ,a striking resemblance to the women herself!! Her house , her rules indeed ... the pleasure well, has been all ours.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

bag o holic

Self confessed bag o holic i have just designed  bags with fun colours n funky embellishments!!  Take a look people and let me know what you think.

Fashionbly yours

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

come away with me

Writing and fashion two things i love ,enjoy and  am passionate about . So I took my two passions and got creative.So I embarked on my "blogourney" blogging journey!!! A blog about fashion and feelings coz lets face it, are'nt we all just fascinated by both!!! So what is the USP of my blog ??? After much thought and  pondering i realised why not let it be a reflection and extension of me , my thoughts , my opinions , my feelings that whole package.So here goes....

Herez the thing , I am not your "skinny" "normal" "goodie " girls!! I think I have a strong streak of  anti establishment mixed with rebel .Physically I am short and been blessed with a little extra in the weight department I m not complaining I love me!!! I've made my peace with bad genetics and Pco!!!! No i am not endorsing being overweight but arent we all battling an eternal never ending battle of the bulge? So here at iluvthefword I write, address , express my views on issues as these , fashion and well a lot more!!

I don't play by the rules and believe all of us have within us a rebel , a dreamer etc etc.So join me as I take you all on this magic ride through the beautiful world of fashion and feelings!!!Pure unapologetic, non judgmental , take on trends , shopping, feelings , happenings and a lot more so stay tuned!! A parallel fantasy land that i'm hoping becomes a happy place for all you readers.

much love ,

Friday, 28 October 2011


Happy festivities people !! All hail the festival of light , bling , and stars!!!! Stars..... those sparkly, lovely, shiny celestial objects that  have always been the objects of desire ,envy and awe !!! From nursery rhymes to pop song lyrics they are everywhere!!! Now emerging as one of fall's biggest trends the stars have descended down on earth ,courtesy one of my personal fav designer duo Dolce  & Gabbana . They are everywhere from bags to prints on dresses to pants they are all over and have us all 'STARSTRUCK' . Perfect for the festival season going all the way into the party season stars are totally fun .You can have them on your kurtas or a bling clutch or a  star print on a lovely cocktail dress to shine like a star on a fun night out,also ways to wear stars...
Get a custom made star shaped belt buckle 
Star shaped accessories  ,rings , bangles neck pieces
Team a star print tee or top under a jacket 
For some of us OTT folks a pair of star shaped sunglasses could be fun
So go out there find a star trend that suits you and .... SHINE ON.

Image courtesy google images

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


  India’s Luxury Market Up 20% in 2010 (Forbes)

“It’s not just the new wealthy in China that is enjoying a life of luxury. Its neighbor India is showing that it has a taste for the good life as well. The luxury market in India is grew 20 percent to 5.8 billion in 2010 and this growth is expected to continue into the near future, according to a survey by the Confederation of India Industry andA.T. Kearney Ltd.”

Friday, 7 October 2011


Sex and the city meets Vogue !! Sounds like a dream team right ?Here at iluvthefword i intend on giving u , the reader all this and more.From Prada to PMS mood swings, from fashion to feelings i intend to break down and bring to you fashion,trends,feelings,relationships and all else we women hold dear to us all with a identifiable twist .Like how to make current trends work for you without burning a gaping hole in your pocket ,from louboutins to love affairs that are unconventional and still intense!!! Also we will do special features on designers and fashion houses on their birthdays and give you the history of brands  to celebrate anniversaries and see how trends have evolved and been reborn and resurrected by legendary designers who we worship as gods in the fashion world. Here at iluvthefword we are unapologetic about our feelings and highly opinionated take on fashion at the same time are totally non judgemental about relationships and feelings no matter how bizarre, sort of an antithesis all maintaining a healthy equilibrium n providing different perceptions for you all to choose what suits u best, whether its a shoe, a bag, a feeling or trend. So on this note let us embark on the journey into the lengths and depths of fashion ,feelings and everything in between..... because well we all do luthefword now don't we?